The Sims 4’s emotion trailer has a nude man weeping in a bath

The Sims 4’s emotion trailer has a nude man weeping in a bath
I’d be upset too if a huge censorship bar followed me around the bathroom.

In a bleak portrait of the human condition at its most vulnerable, The Sims 4 portrays sorrow as a man blubbing in a tub. We’ve all been there. Probably. Luckily, sadness is not the only emotion on show in The Sims 4, nor in this trailer.

This is, of course, EA’s unofficial year of the emotion. FIFA 15 will have players getting all excited about scoring goals, and The Sims 4 … well, the Sims games always had emotions, but now there are more of them. I couldn’t tell you exactly which ones are brand new, but you will be able to bore, excite, anger, inspire and upset your little people to your heart’s desire.

It’s a short trailer and doesn’t go anywhere near as in-depth with the emotional states of Sim-hood as this extended developer walkthrough did a few days back, but it does feature a tremendous collection of facial expressions. Normally I have to think quite hard about which parts of a trailer to nab a screencap from. Not so with this one.

I mean look, here’s another one.


Watch all of the emotions, below. If you missed Tim’s exploits with the Sims 4 creation tool, you might want to observe the horror in that too. The game will be released on 2 September.

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