Two Weeks In Painland gameplay release date available now

Two Weeks in Painland is a noir-style narrative-driven game that has just released for PC on Steam. Players take on the role of the unwilling protagonist, Jack. You’re a hacker who gets coerced into a criminal organization by a man named Mr. Gustav. Your job is to spy on the senior gangsters and ensure the organization runs smoothly — and also to ensure you keep all your limbs.

Two Weeks In Painland Jack's Role

While the hacking gameplay doesn’t look particularly complex, the game is much more about telling a story, which looks highly entertaining. The noir style is loaded with comedy, witty remarks, and interesting looking characters.

It’s just two weeks in Painland

Mr. Gustav wants to take some time off from being a crime boss. So, you get to help oversee his shady organization for two weeks. As the name Two Weeks in Painland implies, it’s not going to be the best time of your life.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, (You don’t have a choice.) is to keep Mr. Gustav’s top lieutenants happy while he’s on vacation. Using your computer and your hacking skills, you’ll be able to spy on the four senior managers through their cellphone cameras to find out more about their personalities.

Two Weeks In Painland Spy

You can listen in on phone calls and read transcripts to find useful information to make your job relatively easier. You will also be responsible for recruitment management. Make sure Mr. Gustav’s lieutenants are happy with the new hires. You know, or else.

Two Weeks In Painland Manage Recruitment

Mr. Gustav has a few key checkpoints that you need to make it through. If you can do that, you might just make it out of this alive. Although, would a crime boss really let you live after you discover so much about his organization? I think you might know too much. We’ll have to see.

You can pick up Two Weeks in Painland for PC via Steam for just $9.99.

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