There was a time when Steam winter sales would promote various price-cuts throughout the Holiday Season. These flash sales would hit so hard that they’d knock the wallet right now of your hand. Literally. On the floor. This was something most gamers anticipated, meaning that most times we’d have to wait by our computers to pick up whatever deals were going down. Now, the sale consists of a one-time grab at some major titles for some pretty deep price-cuts.

Games like Just Cause 3 are 20% off, while some franchise collections offer their own discounts. Who wouldn’t want The Witcher trilogy for a 57% off, or ARK: Survival Evolved for a smooth 40% reduction? Although there is no Steam hardware included in the discounting, you can still get some games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free. This includes the Steam Controller and the Steam Link.

What game are you looking forward to most? This is perfect for those who picked up parts during Black Friday and have waited until now to grab some great games. Heck, even if you anticipate getting some Steam cash for Christmas, you still have plenty of time to get over to the sale as it runs up through the beginning of the new year.

Head over to the official Steam page for the complete details. The Steam Winter Sale will run until January 4, 2016 at 10:00AM PST.

Greg Bargas
A console gamer gone rogue. Collector of retro games, pun , and dad joke enthusiast. For the most part, you can find me stressing over platformers, shooters, puzzlers, horror, and the occasional racer. Sometimes, action RPGs squeak their way into my library. Sorry, my eyes say yes to JRPGs, but my brain, my brain says, "Nah." My Spotify playlists are out of control. Sometimes powerlifter and podcast guest. Rocket League anyone? Twitter: @enthusiast_greg

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