The Stomping Land Dinosaur Survival Game Has Been Greenlight

The Stomping Ground is an upcoming survival sandbox game that lets players explore and survive in a world of dinosaurs. The developer Alex Fundora has confirmed it will be coming to Steam early access after it got Greenlight by the community.

The game will be powered by the Unreal Engine and will have multiplayer so players can work together to survive as they hunt, fish, and forage for food and supplies. Some dinosaurs will obviously want to eat you whilst others can be hunted for food. The list of dinosaurs set to appear right now includes Styracosaurus, Carnotaurus, Gallimimus, Puertasaurus, Helicoprion, Ankylosaurus and Stygimoloch but more are set to be added as the game evolves.

The island you live on is called the Capa Island and you will be free to roam and explore as you please. There will be no inventory and so you will have to store supplies in caves that are found around the landscape. You will be able to craft items to help you survive such as torches, traps and even pole-vaults.

The early access trial will begin on May 23rd for Kickstarter backers and those of you who didn’t catch the Kickstarter can buy in on May 30th for $24.99.

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