The PC invasion survey is over – Thank You!

The PC invasion survey is over – Thank You!

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been running a survey on the site to find out how you feel about PC Invasion including what kind of content you enjoy.

The survey has been a great exercise and really helped us get to know you better. We often debate and discuss what we should be working on for the readers and for the most part we’ve been pretty good at that. There are areas based on the results where which we can now work on moving forwards to improve certain aspects of the site and content.

It will take a little time to coordinate some of the changes but we’ve already put some of the changes in place while the survey was still on-going. It’s been fantastic to read the full comments some of you added to the form, these have really spurred us on.

This post is just a quick update to say we’re taking the survey down and we wanted to thank all of you who took time to fill answer the questions.

Thanks from Peter, Paul and Tim.

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