The Technician

We have found a new Zelda-like game on Kickstarter that seems worthy of our attention. Tyler Clark’s The Technician wants to put an mature, non-fantasy spin on a 16-bit RPG world.

In it, you play a young computer technician, who gets a plum job fresh out of college at a big corporation. Unfortunately, one of your colleagues goes missing, and along with him, valuable research that could change the world. You set out on a quest covert search and rescue, that has you contending with some unsavory characters.

The 16-bit world is detailed and beautiful, and filled with elements you can interact with and explore. You can play sports, race with the sheep, and do other idyllic things in the middle of your search.

The great idea behind the Technician is that he isn’t The Legend of Zelda’s Link, or Lufia’s Maxim, or Illusion of Gaia’s Will. You are a normal male human, who is easily hurt and killed by the same things that could kill us in real life. You don’t power up or pick up powerful swords, you have to use your brain to survive.

You can check out The Technician’s trailer below and donate here. Tyler has confirmed with me plans to release the game to Windows and Mac, and possibly Linux, Android, and iOS.

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