The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will terrify you all over again as a game


Gun Interactive and Sumo have decided that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre needs a new way to terrify people. So, the studio and publisher are making it into a game. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is based on the iconic 1974 horror film of the same name. It will be an asymmetrical horror experience that will have players take control of the chainsaw-wielding psycho and all the members of the family.

This isn’t Gun’s first foray into horror film adaptions. It was the studio that created Friday the 13th: The Game and Layers of Fear. And the Creative Director of the studio, Ronnie Hobbs, is known to be a big fan of the original film. So, he will undoubtedly ensure the game does an excellent job paying homage to it. If you’d like some more proof of that, you can check out the insane levels of detail the studio goes into to create its Hero Assets for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in this blog post on the game’s website.


Experience the massacre like never before

The team at Gun traveled to Texas to visit the Family House and Gas Station in order to perfectly recreate their likeness in the game. Items like Leatherface’s terrifying mask and the chainsaw he wields were put under the microscope (not literally), so the team could capture every detail. They even watched numerous sunsets and sunrises to ensure they got the colors of the Texas summer just right. For the things they couldn’t see first hand, Gun studied the shots of the film frame by frame.

According to Hobbs, the thing that makes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a unique horror game experience is the balance between all the members of the family. The Hitchhiker, the Cook, and, of course, Leatherface all have their own role to play. It is their relationship that enables the massacre. However, the game needed more than just three killers. Kim Henkel, the screenwriter for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, shared his ideas about several other characters that never made it into the film. So, the game will feature new members of the Slaughter family.

There is no release date info for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre yet.


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