Dota Underlords changes Hobgen Anessix

It hasn’t been long since The Big Update hit Dota Underlords, bringing with it a lot of change to the game. Since then, there were a lot of minor balance changes and bug fixes to try to get everything in-game on track. With the latest update, Valve has made some noticeable changes to the Underlords that were added to the game with The Big Update.

Adding a new type of unit to the game, particularly one that plays such a critical role in your strategy, is always going to require a bit of tweaking to get the balance right. Underlords are your primary unit, and they will fight alongside your hired troops. You will select an Underlord at the start of each game and power them up with talents throughout your run. The two Underlords that players can currently choose between are the fairy pyromaniac Hobgen and the demonic puppet master Anessix.

Anessix changes

Dota Underlords Underlord Anessix Changes

Martyr’s Boon:

  • No longer has a burst heal component, instead it heals over time
  • Heal per second changed from 5 to 10 (per Underlord level)
  • Duration changed from 5 to 8 seconds

Rejuvenating Ritual:

  • Replaces Arcane Ritual
  • Now reads: Martyr’s Boon now delivers the first 50% of the heal immediately, and the rest over the duration of the spell.

Instant Regret:

  • Duration changed from infinite to 5 seconds

Hobgen changes

Dota Underlords changes Hobgen Anessix


  • Animation length changed from 4.0 to 2.4 seconds

Let’s Go Crazy:

  • Hype Cost changed from 100 to 85
  • Now silences Hobgen
  • Attack range while under Let’s Go Crazy increased to 8

Fire Break:

  • Damage reduction changed from 25% to 45%

Feedback Loop:

  • The mechanic has been brought back of Feedback Loop: Super-Charged units gain mana from damage caused by abilities. Upon casting, they deal damage equal to the mana cost to adjacent enemies.

Change is in the air

This balance update brings other little changes as well. A few heroes have received some balance tweaks, there are numerous quality-of-life updates, and a couple of bugs have been fixed. The most crucial ones you need to take note of are as follows:

  • Break no longer affects Alliances.
  • Fire is now lethal if the applier is an enemy.
  • If Helm of the Undying activates, applying Break will now make the unit targetable and killable again.
  • When a Demon casts, now only allied Demons are silenced.
  • Razer’s Plasma Field and Viper’s Nethertoxin damage have both been doubled from 50/100/150 to 100/200/300.
  • Bloodseeker’s armor has been reduced from 5 to 0, making him considerably less tanky.
  • The Brute Alliance has received a considerable buff to their enemy attack damage reduction from 15/40% to 30/70%.

You can see the complete changelog, as well as previous changes, on the Dota Underlords update page. And you can play Dota Underlords for free by downloading it through Steam.

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