The Vestal character is returning to Darkest Dungeon II

Darkest Dungeon II Character The Vestal Art

Last week, developer Red Hook Studios revealed that the 1.0 version of Darkest Dungeon II will finally become available on May 8. As the developer announced this, however, it ensured fans that the Early Access version will receive some more significant updates before the final version’s release. The developer even confirmed that one of these updates lay right around the corner. And just yesterday, Red Hook Studios delivered by announcing the return of a fan-favorite character from the first Darkest Dungeon. This character comes in the form of the Vestal, “a sister of battle” who returns in Darkest Dungeon II as part of yesterday’s Suffer No Sin update.

The teaser trailer for the Vestal lasts less than half a minute, and it shows the character’s model as well as the bare essentials of what she can do in battle. At first, the teaser depicts her receiving damage from a few of the grisly monsters she faces. But then, she quickly turns the tables and uses her skills to deal damage while healing one of her teammates in the process.

How does the Vestal play in Darkest Dungeon II?

According to Red Hook Studios’ recent press release, the Vestal plays quite differently in Darkest Dungeon II compared to the first game. Before, she was mostly relegated to the healer role, but now she has become what is described as a “healer-tank.” This time, she has the ability to inflict quite a bit of damage on enemies sitting in the back row.

But the most significant change the character received in Darkest Dungeon II has to do with how her healing and her Conviction ability play off each other. As she heals her party, she grows her Conviction, eventually letting her devastate the enemy group. As soon as players finish the Vestal’s backstory in the Shrines of Reflection, they will gain access to all of her moves and skills.

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