September 5th, 2017

The Walking Dead Episode 3 coming soon, as new screens lurch out

The Walking Dead Ep3 - 04

Telltale have released a batch of new screens for The Walking Dead – Season 2 Episode 3: In Harm’s Way, along with an assurance that it’s nearing release.

No word on when exactly that release will be, obviously, but I’d take a guess that it’ll be within the next few weeks. Being that our own Peter Parrish has been shuffling his way through the season, we’ll likely have a review around launch.

What else? Um, the new screens are nice. There’s one of lots of people being forcibly escorted by armed guards, possibly implying that hardware store security has really increased, post-apocalypse. There’s one of a nice man covered in tomato sauce, who’s looking a bit upset at something. Maybe he was a bit too enthusiastic with his dinner, and that’s why he’s got sauce on his face? And there’s one of a skellington trying to give Clementine a hug. In short, this episode looks like it’s going to be happy and fun-filled! Hooray! Something like that, anyway; I’m not really all that familiar with The Walking Dead.

Screens below.

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