walking dead season 2 ep3

Fashion Clem sports a new look.

What’s Michael Madsen going to be getting up to in this latest episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead? I don’t know, and if I did it would be unwise of me to spoil it in a news post about the release date for Episode 3, In Harms Way.

That’s an interesting choice of title, considering The Walking Dead makes a habit of putting everybody involved in the story in harms way on a regular basis. But after THE THING THAT HAPPENED with THE PEOPLE and how Clementine is now at THE PLACE, it does makes sense. No spoilers here folks, except to note that Clementine looks to pick up a neat new jacket in this upcoming installment.

You can see that in the trailer, below. The Walking Dead Episode 3 will be out on PC next week. Tuesday 13 May, to be precise.

The trailer has (and warns you about) spoilers for prior episodes, so view at your own discretion and so on.

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