The Walking Dead S2 Episode 4 finds new screens Amid the Ruins

After thoroughly enjoying The Wolf Among Us, I’m about ready to get back into the second season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Handy, then, that Episode 4 seems to be on the way either next week or the one after.

We’ve already seen a couple of screenshots from Amid the Ruins, posted up by Tim last week, and now here are some more. Of them.

Not a great deal to learn from them, really. But here, I’ll do my best. Introducing the IncGamers The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 screenshot analysis. Part one in a series of one.

the walking dead amid the ruins (1)

In this image we can clearly surmise that Episode 4 is indeed called Amid the Ruins. Nice to have that cleared up. On a slightly less flippant note, Clem carrying a pistol around is kind of interesting. As the episodes have gone by, promo images have gone from depicting her as (sometimes) unarmed, to pretty much always carrying melee weapons and now she’s waving a firearm. Is your Clem still sticking to what Lee taught her?

the walking dead amid the ruins (2)

Luke! You were hiding behind that Telltale logo all along. Clem’s looking behind her, while Kenny and Luke are … kind of scowling at each other? That doesn’t bode well for continued group harmony really.

the walking dead amid the ruins

And finally there’s this one, which makes me feel really shitty about what happened at the end of Episode 3. You know what I mean. Yeah … yeah, you know. Um, get well soon Sarita?


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