Everything about this new image for The Walking Dead Season Two finale is a bit spoilery, so just try not to look directly at it if you’re still trying to avoid episode details. It’s not much of a screenshot release really, showing the same image just with or without episode text, but does offer a clue towards when Episode 5 might be coming out.

Telltale tends to start this drip-feed of images and (ultimately,) video around two weeks ahead of release. On that basis, an early September launch for Episode 5 is looking somewhat likely. Delays permitting, of course.

Here’s what Telltale has released today:

walking dead season 2 no going back (1)

I wonder if the big choice is going to be “should Clem leave the safety off her gun to help with shooting zombies, or leave it on to avoid accidentally shooting a newborn child”? That main zombie looks like it just wants to get her attention, perhaps to ask when the next bus is coming or something.

Would you like to see the same image again but without the series and episode titles on it? Well, I can oblige:

walking dead season 2 no going back (2)

Doesn’t look any more cheerful really, does it? Get ready for a harrowing diaper-changing quick-time mini game, only in Telltale’s No Going Back.

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