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The Wandering Village takes the infamous internet meme of taking a town and pushing it somewhere else to a brand new level. Dated jokes aside, The Wandering Village looks like a city building game filled with charming visuals and deep simulation mechanics. And the ultimate gimmick of having to build a city on a moving creature is admittedly exciting. The Wandering Village will wander into Early Access this month.

The Wandering Village tasks you with building a settlement on top of a colossal creature named Onbu as it wanders through a hostile post-apocalyptic world filled with dangers around every corner. One of the exciting prospects of the game is your relationship with the creature you’re inhabiting. You can choose to live in harmony, balancing your city building while maintaining a positive relationship with the colossus. Or you can choose to prioritize your villagers, becoming more of a parasite.


Onbu’s Moving Village

The creature will travel through different biomes, and you’ll have to adapt your village to these unique settings. Each biome contains new opportunities, but also new threats you’ll have to face. Explore this Hayao Miyazaki-inspired world with your villagers, with roguelike elements and the need to maintain Onbu’s health. It’s a tricky relationship that will undoubtedly be difficult and fun to balance, and will be the core of the game.

The Wandering Village was initially backed on Kickstarter after three years of development. It’s also reportedly one of the most wishlisted titles on Steam, and if you were one of those people who were excited to jump into this new world, then mark your calendars. The Wandering Village will enter Early Access on Steam on September 14 for $24.99 USD. As an Early Access game, it will feature regular updates, with the team planning on launching the game in full after a year or so. It will also be present in Xbox Game Preview in 2023.

Wandering Village Early Access

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