April 7th, 2017

The War Z celebrates Halloween with new content

It’s time for the zombie survival title The War Z to get in the Halloween spirit with the announcement of game updates prior to unrestricted access to the game opening up tomorrow.

The game update will include :

  • New Characters – new playable characters
  • New Zombies – new zombie models
  • New Playable Area – entirely new section of game world opened up, including new large cities – effectively doubling the current map size
  • Special Themed Items – players will have access to special, Halloween-themed items in the game marketplace

Hammerpoint are also “reintroducing”  the game’s “Legend” package until Sunday 4 Novembner. The package was apparently “sold out” and will be available for $54.99. Not sure how a downloadable game sells out, but there you go.

The package includes:

  • Full Game Access
  • $30 of in-game currency
  • Six-months of “stronghold” server hosting
  • Special player recognition in-game and on forums

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