Our round-up of the week’s biggest news, previews, reviews and features.
A very week for news saw rumours of Microsoft developing a successor to its 360 console, a new gameplay trailer for Rockstar’s LA Noire, former Bungie devs announce a new project, confirmed UK release dates for Batman: Arkham City and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Black Ops set new sales records and much, much more.
The pick of the week’s news as follows:

Bleszinski: The middle-class game is dead
New 360 in development?
Pokemon tops UK chart
Bungie not working on MMO after all
Former Bungie devs seek publishing partner for new game
Microsoft claim 10million Kinect sensor sales
New LA Noire ‘Investigation & Interrogation’ trailer
Skyrim aiming to bring back ‘Alien’ feel of Morrowind
Epic shows off impressive Unreal Engine 3 footage
Deus EX: Human Revolution gets UK release date
Euro PS3 seizure order lifted
Uncharted 3 trailer reveals game’s antagonist
Cloud saving arrives on PSN
Ubisoft pull We Dare from UK
360 set to outsell Wii in the US
Batman: Arkham City gets UK release date
Black Ops becomes best selling game of all-time in US

Looking to find out about tomorrow’s releases today? Check out this week’s previews:

Dungeon Siege III Multiplayer Co-op
Red Faction Armageddon – Campaign
Red Faction Armageddon – ‘Ruin’ multiplayer mode
WWE All Stars

We also give you the low-down on what is and what isn’t worth your hard-earned cash. This week’s reviews:

De Blob 2
Dragon Age II
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money DLC

Features this week saw Peter Parrish explore the romance threads that BioWare left onDragon Age II cutting room floor and Drew Holmes, Game Designer on Red Faction Armageddon, talk to us about ancient evils, the difficulty of implementing destruction and what we can expect from Armageddon’s campaign.

Dragon Age II: The Lost Romances
Red Faction Armageddon Interview w/ Game Designer Drew Holmes


Black Ops is best-selling game of all-time in US

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