This week’s main talking point was probably the quality of the trailer EA DICE showed off for Battlefield 3. If you haven’t seen it then you really need to do yourself a favour and check it out. Nice visuals, right?
    Other big stories include:

    Bungie confirm they’re working on an MMO
    Sony and LG fight over the preliminary injunction that has blocked PS3 shipments to Europe
    Epic shows us what next-gen games might look like
    Minecraft dev announce new game, ‘Scrolls’
    Pachter speculates on whether or not Call of Duty’s Project Beachhead will be made available free of charge
    Rockstar release new L.A. Noire trailer
    Minecraft, Molynuex and Red Dead Redemption win big at GDC awards
    THQ confirm Saints Row 3
    PC game revenues hit all-time high
    BioWare release new Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer
    Speculation over GTA V ramps-up
    Super Meat Boy devs angry with Microsoft

    News is all well and good but what you really want is the opinion of the wonderful people that make this site possible, right..?
    This week saw the publication of editorials “The Trouble With Teaser Trailers”, in which Peter Parrish rips into the proliferation of trailers that fail to present us with any worthwhile info, while John Robertson’s “Dead Space 2 Is Not Survival Horror” focuses on how the abundance of enemy encounters in EA Visceral’s space-based adventure kills off any potential scares.
    This week also saw us put a number of recent releases through our review machine:

    Killzone 3 – 8.3/10
    Beyond Good & Evil HD – 9.1/10
    SpaceChem – 9/10
    Cities in Motion – 7/10

    Want to know what you should be getting excited about? Check these out:

    Brink Preview
    Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Preview
    Operation Flashpoint: Red River Interview


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