This past week was quite easily the biggest of the year for us, for news (Res Evil 6, anyone!?) and for what we’ve provided you. Tuesday saw the return of our podcast, in which we spoke about Hitman: Absolution, Dishonored, Diablo 3 and the problem with remakes and more – look for new episodes every Tuesday.
    It was previews that dominated our article coverage, with pre-release looks at King Arthur II, Binary Domain, Heroes of Ruin and Hitman: Absolution. Tucked in with those, however, is a review of tasty indie PC game Dustforce and a wish-list of Thief 4 inclusions.
    The biggest single news story of the week was a difficult one to call, with the announcement of Resident Evil 6, the continued slow-death of SOPA and the continuing decline of PS Vita sales in Japan vying for the spotlight.
    Anyway, we’ll let you make your own mind up about what’s most important to you.
    The weekly round-up of the top stories as follows:

    The return of the IncGamers podcast!
    Roman’ around in King Arthur II [Preview]
    ‘Instinct’ is the driving force behind Hitman: Absolution [Preview]
    Binary Domain – The Japanese Gears of War [Preview]
    3D dungeon crawling in Heroes of Ruin [Preview]
    Getting down and dirty with Dustforce [Review]
    Ten things Thief 4 must include [Opinion]


    Thief 4 using Unreal 3, is open-world and includes multiplayer?
    Resident Evil 6 confirmed by Capcom
    EA shares fall due to SWTOR concerns
    SOPA/PIPA now opposed by 101 members of US Congress
    XCOM FPS delayed until 2013
    Origin is required for Mass Effect 3 on PC
    Fifa 12 tops UK chart for fourth consecutive week
    Gears 3 adds new XP system with ‘Fenix Rising’ DLC
    BioWare: Multiplayer improves RPGs
    Alienware reveal mini gaming-PC, looks like a console
    It’s all over for Hudson Soft
    PS Vita sales drop to worryingly low levels
    Former Heavy Rain and Diablo 3 devs bring Deadlight to XBLA
    TERA coming to Europe this May
    10,000 Steam users demand more Half Life info from Valve
    EU publishers going after EU videogame pirates

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