The Wild Hunt Approaches In Season 2 Of The Witcher Netflix Series (3)

While there are spinoffs and animated shows in the works for The Witcher series as a whole, the main Netflix show starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia is still the biggest draw. Following the successful conclusion of the first season, fans are most certainly waiting with anticipation for the upcoming season. If a few set photos are to be believed, The Witcher on Netflix is preparing for the arrival of the Wild Hunt for Season 2.

Thanks to the Redanian Intelligence, whose sources indicate that it is indeed the Wild Hunt we are seeing, fans now have an idea of what to expect in the new season. For players of the video games, the Wild Hunt is a familiar sight in the third entry. The intimidating foes are on the hunt for Ciri, with Geralt intent to stop them at any costs.


As for readers of the books, the Wild Hunt makes an appearance in Time of Contempt. Their aim is similar, as Ciri remains the target of their pursuit.

However, with the Netflix show still in its infancy, it appears that the Wild Hunt will have different objectives in The Witcher. Could this be a harbinger of things to come, or do the showrunners have other ideas for them? We shall see.

The Wild Hunt Approaches In Season 2 Of The Witcher Netflix Series (1)

Ride on

Judging from the ebony armor, the riders most certainly look the part of the Wild Hunt. It is not just the scares that they bring. The Wild Hunt is often accompanied by cold and ice, which we assume will be added later in post-production.

While the sightings of the Wild Hunt for Netflix’s The Witcher is news, the filming of the second season continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Star Henry Cavill suffered an injury as well, which delayed things. Fans can expect to watch the second season of the show in late 2021.

The Wild Hunt Approaches In Season 2 Of The Witcher Netflix Series (2)

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