The Witcher 2 DLC will all be free

While other developers internally read the letters ‘DLC’ as ‘Cash moves everything around me,’ Witcher 2 creators CD Projekt are fine with releasing it for free.
“Let me announce that all our DLCs will be FREE. All of them,” the developers stated yesterday during a Q&A session on Facebook. “If anything will be for purchase, those will be expansion packs.”
The distinction between ‘DLC’ and ‘Expansion Pack’ is a pretty subtle one, but the developers have stuck to their word so far. A side-quest called “Troll Trouble” has already been released for free, which promises “as much as 90 minutes of additional gameplay.”
To get these freebies, you will need to register your copy of the game (which at present may take you a couple of tries, due to the launch day frenzy).
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is available today on PC.
Source: Facebook Q&A

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