The Witcher 2 Premium & Collector’s Editions Detailed (Plus Pre-Order…

If you fancy picking up some extras when you buy The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (due for release 17 May,) CD Projekt Red has provided plenty of options for you.
An “extremely limited” ‘Premium Edition’ (£35.00 GBP) will be available as the game’s standard release for as long as stocks last. This will include a making-of DVD, soundtrack CD, a printed map of the world, game guide and a coin. In addition, two random papercraft Witcher figures will be yours to own.
That edition looks like this:

The ‘Collector’s Edition,’ (£80.00 GBP) is even more packed. It includes everything listed above, plus a 200 page artbook, the dice-poker set featured in the first game (along with a naughty “how to cheat” guide for dice and card games,) three stickers, an exclusive extra papercraft figurine and a creepy bust of Geralt to impress your visitors. There’s also some Collector-exclusive DLC in this package: the “Roche Commando Jacket,” which boosts Geralt’s sword fighting abilities.
This edition is available exclusively through pre-order at major retailers (including Amazon, Play, Game, HMV and the other usual suspects.) It looks like this:

But wait, no pre-order blowout is complete without retail-specific DLC offers – and The Witcher 2 has those too. Pre-orders of either of the above editions will come with:
Finisher Pack – available from and GameStop (for Irish customers,) this pack features additional in-game finishing moves.

Mysterious Merchant – available from GAME and, this will make a dodgy dealer pop up in each chapter of the game to offer you items of a unique and dubious legal nature.

Ultimate Alchemy Suit – available through HMV and, this fancy alchemy pack will extend the life of potions and increase output of in-game ingredients.

Ultimate Magical Suit – available via, this pack unsurprisingly increases the effectiveness of Geralt’s magic ‘signs’ and enhances the new sixth sign.

Ultimate Swordsman Suit – available from, this … well, can you guess? Yep, it boosts your sword fighting stats and offers the chance of triggering ‘rare effects’ in combat.

Blimey that’s a lot of DLC options.

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