Earlier today, GOG and CD Projekt Red combined their powers (not that hard, since the latter owns the former) to present a substantial amount of footage from The Witcher 3. It’s the same footage which is out and about on YouTube (given to the press at some recent junket,) but this version has narration and comment from CD Projekt Red themselves.

The stream itself starts around 11 minutes in and jumps around a bit at first. You also get the usual technical problems with volume levels for a bit, but after it settles down you get a nice look (and fairly detailed explanations) about various locations, mechanics and characters in the game.

Our hosts regularly pause the footage to fill in additional Witcher 3 details, and then stick around to answer a decent selection of community queries about the game.

One such question concerns the transfer of saved game files (and, hence, choices) from The Witcher 2. According to CD Projekt, there won’t be a mechanical transference of saved files; but you will have chance in-game in The Witcher 3 to import your decisions.

The way you’ll be doing this is by listening to an unnamed singer (so probably Dandelion, then) as he regales you with tales of your adventures. At key moments, you’ll be able to correct his information, thereby letting the game know how ‘your’ Geralt handled various matters.

See the full hour long stream, below:

Peter Parrish

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