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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video shows 35 minutes of gameplay

The Witcher 3 screens - 06

CD Projekt RED have released a 35-minute video of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, showing off a lengthy segment of gameplay.

The video is set directly after the griffin hunt we’ve previously seen, with Geralt heading to Novigrad – the biggest city in the game – to meet with a spy who happens to be the former head of Redanian intelligence. From there it’s off a-questing we go, with all manner of mystical mysteries explored. There’s some dialogue, some choices (with consequences), some swimming and diving, and – naturally – some battles against lethal monsters. I’m not going to spoil the whole thing, but it shows a pretty good cross-section of what prolonged gameplay in The Witcher 3 will actually entail.

What you’ll see here looks pretty much like an extended version of the previously released Downwarren video. This massive video of The Witcher 3 is easily worth a watch, and lucky you! You can do so below.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is due out 24 February 2015.