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Two days ago, CD Projekt Red announced that a new game in The Witcher franchise was in development. Not much was revealed outside of its graphics engine. However, the developer did offer a small tease: a half-covered medallion in the snow. At a glance, one could mistake it for the Wolf Medallion that hung from Geralt’s neck for years. However, closer inspection suggested otherwise. There was speculation that it was an updated version of the School of the Cat medallion, but that no longer appears to be the case. The global community director for CDPR has hinted that the next The Witcher game will deal with the fabled School of the Lynx instead.

Following the reveal for the new game, Marcin Momot, said community director, took to Twitter. Momot excitedly reiterated the news, writing: “We can finally say it!” Twitter users began to chat about the medallion and its unusual shape. When one user mentioned how it looked like a lynx, Momot offered a nodding gif in reply.


For those who don’t know, the School of the Lynx doesn’t appear in The Witcher lore. After playing the games, I never got (howling) wind about it. And there’s a good reason. According to The Witcher Fanon wiki, the school was founded by Lambert and Keira Metz after the events of the third game. However, you should note the source: its founding is non-canon, and it primarily pops up only in fanfiction.

I'm ready to dive into the School of the Tub, myself. Getting schooled

CDPR will base an entire new saga on this school, and whether the choice sits well with fans will likely become a non-issue. The reason is because what can be said about the Lynx is the same for the schools of the Viper, Bear, and others in The Witcher 3. Those, too, were created outside the lore for the sake of the games. And I didn’t mind this at all; Ursine armor for life.

In other news for the next game in The Witcher series, the game director talked a bit about crunch. CDPR has been criticized heavily for workplace crunch, so it’s natural for the topic to resurface. Jason Slama, said director, replied to a Twitter post on crunch for the new game: “Never on my watch!” Hopefully that stays true and doesn’t end up in the ‘Poorly Aged Tweets’ archive.

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