September 5th, 2017

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 key art indicates Bigby tries cricket


The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 still isn’t out, because Telltale are slack bastards, but we at least know it’s due out in the first week of February. In honour of its impending release, Telltale have… released a piece of key art for the game. Which apparently means “a shot showing the logo and the protagonist.”

Speculation time: Bigby is holding a cricket bat. Right away, this tells us a few things: first, his investigation into the Fable-related murders will take him to Lord’s Cricket Ground, where he will be forced to learn the rules of the game and then explain them to a swarm of bored Americans. Secondly: the murderer’s evil plot is obviously centred around him getting America to win the Ashes. Which would be a hell of a trick, since they’re test matches between England and Australia. Third: if it’s neither of those, he gives up on the murder investigation and tries to find out what the hell happened with Ashes Cricket 2013.

Well, it’s either that, or he just finds a cricket bat somewhere and possibly uses it to beat information out of people. But that’d be boring, so it’s obviously what I said above. I mean, the episode’s called “Smoke and Mirrors”; it’s clearly not going to be about what you’re expecting.

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