Telltale had a rocky start hitting regular release dates with The Wolf Among Us, but seem to have got back on track. Episode 4, In Sheep’s Clothing, is said to be coming “soon” and has three suitably moody screenshots to accompany that news.

In the first Bigby appears to be in a world of temptation, squeezing between two large pig carcasses in a slaughterhouse. I hope one of those isn’t our old smokey bacon friend from the first episode.

the wolf among us episode 4 (3)

Instead of using curtains, why not brighten up your apartment with some dead animals?

Here, he’s all bandaged up from the trials and tribulations of Episode 3, having a quiet beer by the fridge while Snow looks concerned about having blood all over her clothes.

the wolf among us episode 4 (1)

Oh god, the laundry bill will be hell.

Finally, Bigby hangs out with a young lady who seems to have even more worldy weight on her shoulders than he does. Or she’s doing some kind of palm reading, I’m not really sure.

the wolf among us episode 4 (2)

I see many dialogue choices in your future.

The pictures are also accompanied by some curious phrases: Salvador, Leeds and Barrens. I’m assuming Bigby isn’t about to head to Yorkshire for this episode, so quite what those mean is a bit of a mystery.

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