You have no idea how much I wanted the sequel to this.
the wolf among us episode 4 (1)

Snow, you’ve got something on your …. Snow? Hey, Snow! Never mind.

Leaping out of the darkness like your favourite wolf-related metaphor, it’s a release date for Episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us. To get to the lead nice and quickly; it’s 27 May on PC. That’s when you’ll be able to return to Bigby’s investigation into dodgy dealings and doings in Fabletown.

The latest trailer (below) contains spoilers for prior episodes, so if you haven’t played those yet and want to go in blind I’d recommend not watching it. In fact maybe stop reading this and just wait for 27 May.

Have the people not wanting a recap of The Wolf Among Us Episodes 1-3 left yet? Okay, good. Bigby’s digging around has got him into some serious trouble. At the end of Episode 3, the Crooked Man’s henchwoman gave him a pretty serious beating as a message to stop connecting the dots. Naturally though, he’s not going to do that. Like all good pseudo-noir detectives, he’s going to follow this murder trail to the very end.

Much portentous dialogue about the size of the conspiracy Bigby is unwittingly uncovering follows in the Episode 4 trailer.

Murdered: Soul Suspect – 101 Trailer

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