There Is No Light Exploration Fast Travel Karma Doors Guide

The grim world of There Is No Light awaits you. The rather cryptic nature of the story will leave you wondering what the heck is going on, as well as where to go next. Here’s our There Is No Light guide to help you with fast travel, karma doors, and the basics of exploration in the game world.

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There Is No Light exploration, fast travel, and karma doors guide

After the prologue where you take out The Hand, you’ll end up in a cozy room in Central Station. This is your main hub in There Is No Light. There’s one fast travel point here, as well as a desk that tracks how many times you’ve died throughout the campaign.

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From there, you can explore the game world at your leisure. There are four main zones that you can visit, and each one is accessible via the paths at the sides of Central Station (i.e., lower-left, lower-right, upper-left, and upper-right exits).

The lower-left and lower-right exits can be spotted easily, though the other ones might require you to walk past several NPCs and rooms.

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As far as general progression goes, each “branch” has around three zones, and each zone has multiple areas. For example, heading to the lower-left exit takes you to Path of Sorrow, Mind of a Fool, and, finally, the Abyss.

Note: Each main branch has a particular mini-hub or town with several NPCs that you can talk to. At least one will offer a sidequest, too.

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In these areas in There Is No Light, you can expect some scattered fast travel points. There are cases when the rooms or corridors might only have a few baddies, and a short trek leads to yet another teleporter. However, there might be instances where the location is larger, significantly more dangerous, and the next teleporter is nowhere in sight.

If you experience these situations, you’re bound to encounter the karma doors in There Is No Light. These bone doorways marked by a skull will sometimes pop up as you’re roaming around.

Normally, your character’s death will spawn you back at the previous fast travel point that you visited. A karma door might also be nearby, allowing you to teleport to the location where you discovered it. Do take note that this will also cause you to lose some karma points, so it might be better to retread the same path to get back to where you were before.

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There Is No Light is available via Steam.

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