There Is No Light Omen Sword Best Skills Guide

There are a handful of weapons that you can wield in There Is No Light. One of these is the Omen Sword, available at the start of the campaign. This armament’s moves are fairly basic, but they’ll become integral in the long run. Here’s our There Is No Light guide to help you with the best skills for the Omen Sword weapon.

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There Is No Light Omen Sword best skills guide

As mentioned above, the Omen Sword in There Is No Light is practically handed to you once you start the game. You’re even told the basics when it comes to fighting your foes, though you can learn more tips from our combat and healing guide, too.

As far as skill point acquisition goes, you shouldn’t have a problem since farming mobs nets you Death Essence XP. Still, you might want to pick the ideal options in case you want to save up on points for the other weapon abilities.

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Omen Sword best skills

These are what I consider the best Omen Sword skills at the start of There Is No Light:

  • Bloodlust: Each hit adds more Rage – This is fairly useful so you can fill up your special gauge a lot faster.
  • Interruption: Gain two Healing Shard charges when you interrupt yellow attacks – This is one of the best perks to get since it allows you to spawn Healing Charges quicker.
  • Lightning Cut: Dash and use your special attack to strike the nearest enemy with lightning speed – While not as integral as the two above, it’s still pretty decent if you want to take a chunk of the target’s HP.

I don’t really recommend the others like Phantom Dash and Energy Wave. The former confuses me a bit due to the character’s teleportation (which can also cause mishaps if you move on top of a hazardous area). The latter, meanwhile, can sometimes be a hassle since you often need to move around.

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There Is No Light is available via Steam.

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