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Supermassive Games have been a titanic force in horror games recently, ever since the release of Until Dawn. The developer’s spooky resume has granted it the approval of the eight-game anthology with Bandai Namco Entertainment — a series of games known as The Dark Pictures. The official website for the anthology only includes three of the first games: Man of Medan, Little Hope, and House of Ashes. But a new trademark filing shows that the world of The Dark Pictures is much more vast, with five other games on the way.

These games have been revealed as listings on the European Union Intellectual Property Office page. The official listings show some trademarked titles, which are as follows: The Dark Pictures: The Craven Man, The Dark Pictures Presents: O Death, The Dark Pictures: Directive 8020, The Dark Pictures: Intercession, and The Dark Pictures: Winterfold. These five games will join the other three listed above in the non-linear anthology.


Branching paths

Presumably, the five games will share similar gameplay mechanics as other Supermassive releases, with non-linear storytelling and branching gameplay paths. Games like Little Hope can already give us hope that these games will maintain the same spooky quality as ever. Of course, while these listings don’t guarantee the production of these games, there’s clearly some faith in The Dark Pictures universe.

More details about these five games are sure to come in the future. So keep your eyes peeled on the official website, where all the games for The Dark Pictures are available for you to check out. There’s also a Friend Pass you can utilize if you want to rope your friends into these horror adventures. Meanwhile, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan and House of Ashes are currently on sale through Steam, so if you’re looking for another¬†Until Dawn-esque outing, this is your best shot.


The Dark Pictures New Game

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