Hollow Knight Silksong news won't be at e3

Hollow Knight: Silksong, the DLC turned full-on sequel, has been in development for more than two years at this point. Naturally, the decision to turn the smaller content into a complete game would lengthen its creation. There still isn’t a release date known for the game, and if you were looking toward June to get some good info, then I have bad news. Developer Team Cherry has confirmed that there will be no news on Hollow Knight: Silksong at E3 this year.

It was Team Cherry’s director of marketing and PR, Matthew ‘Leth’ Griffin, who shared the news of no news. Over at the Hollow Knight Discord channel, Griffin announced that the company was going dark on Silksong during E3. Not only will there be no reveals or a new trailer, but the company also isn’t planning on posting a blog when the big game show goes live this June.


Last year, Team Cherry made an impact with Hollow Knight: Silksong at E3 2019. A new gameplay trailer, a look at the Greymoor area, and voice acting were all part of the developer’s first big look at the game. In its post-E3 blog, Team Cherry briefly discussed a release date. For the team, it had two answers on when we could see the sequel finally land: “When it’s ready,” and “When it matches the quality and scale of Hollow Knight.”

Hollow Knight Silksong News E3

“…E3 this year.” Better luck next year, then.

A song of time

Hollow Knight: Silksong takes what fans loved about the first game and expands upon it. The game will include acrobatic movement and combat, a new world to explore, traps and weapon crafting, tons of new quests and treasures to find, and an expanded bestiary. It stars Hornet, a character from the first game. She uses a massive needle and thread as her signature weapon. As a fairly major character in Hollow Knight, she was a natural pick for its DLC. However, Team Cherry clearly felt her story needed more chapters, and eventually turned it into a full sequel.

“Almost from the very start, Hornet’s adventure was intended to take place in a new land, but as we dove in, it quickly became too large and too unique to stay a DLC, as initially planned,” the developer wrote after it revealed the game in 2019. “We do know that makes the wait a little longer, but we think the final, fresh world you’ll get to explore is worth it.”

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