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Arkane Studios is currently celebrating two decades of creating games. The studio is responsible for so many great titles out there, including Dishonored. To help you celebrate this milestone alongside the developer, we’ve gathered together some of the greatest Dishonored mods out there to help make your next playthrough as unique and interesting as the first one was.

Visual Tweaks

These Dishonored mods will make your game look more interesting, or just better than it usually does. You probably won’t be able to run all of these at once, so pick the ones you like the look of and work through them until you find that mod of your dreams.

Honored Lighting

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This mod is a really simple reshade, but it has a big impact on your time in the game. Dishonored can look beautiful, but there are moments where the dreary sky and washed-out concrete of the buildings just make it feel dull. Interiors can also suffer in sections of the game that haven’t been built to be visually impressive, like the masquerade ball. Honored Lighting gives the whole game a facelift, making it look more colorful than the original. The mod author has also had some fun with lens flare in certain parts of Dunwall, so look out for those.

Dishonored Mods Honored Lighting

ENB Reshade with SweetFX

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This is one of our favorite Dishonored mods. If you want to push Dishonored‘s looks even further than simply boosting the lighting effects, then this is the mod you need to try out. It’s a much more impactful mod that affects everything in the game, from the walls with posters slapped all over them, to the Hound Pits Pub, and of course every interior you can imagine. As I mentioned before, Dishonored can look dull in certain areas, but this mod ensures that you’ll never stop being impressed by how pretty everything is.

Dishonored Mods Sweetfx

Framerate Unlocker

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If any mod needed no explanation, it’s this one. Dishonored generally runs at around 60 FPS, though it can stutter and struggle in cutscenes or when there’s a lot on-screen. This mod unlocks the framerate, allowing the game to run as smoothly as possible. This mod sounds as if it was actually developed for speedrunners, so if you’re looking to perform specific glitches and skips in the game, you may find them easier to achieve with this mod.

Dishonored Mods Framerate Unlocker

Filmic Reshade

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This mod is another reshade, more subtle than ENB Reshade With SweetFX, but more impactful than Honored Lighting. It’s a light reshade preset that you may not even notice while you’re playing, but it really does change the entire game. Dishonored‘s tone can be lighthearted if you’re throwing bodies around and tormenting enemies, but at its core there’s a darker undertone to the entire story. This reshade fits that darker tone wonderfully, and is definitely something to keep in mind for a solo playthrough on a lonely night.

Dishonored Mods Filmic Reshade

Game Changers

These Dishonored mods alter the core gameplay experience. Purists might feel a bit weird about using these, but if you’re looking for something to give the game some features that will make it feel like brand new, then these are for you.

More Bodies

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This mod describes itself as providing various gameplay tweaks, but really the best thing that it does is prevent bodies from disappearing when there are too many. This might not sound like something that you’d be bothered about, but when the bodies start running out, and you want to throw more to the rats, you’ll be grateful that you installed this.

Dishonored Mods More Bodies

Mission Stats

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This mod is for players who are trying to complete Dishonored in a certain way. You can go through the entire game killing everyone, not killing everyone, in complete stealth, or with guns and magic blazing. There are loads of different options, but a big problem with these types of runs is the lack of information available to you mid-mission. You only get the statistics for a mission when you’ve completed it, which is useless if you’ve already tripped an alarm on a stealth run. This mod adds a new option into the in-game menu that provides all of the statistics you’ll ever need. Considering the requirements for some achievements in the game, I’d almost go as far as saying that this mod is essential if you want to achieve 100% completion, that is.

Dishonored Mods Mission Statistics

Full Regen

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Dishonored is a fair game. If Corvo uses too much Mana, or loses too much Health, he won’t fully regenerate either. Instead there are items around the world that will help boost his Health and Mana back up to full. This mod removes the regeneration limits put on Corvo in all game modes. It might feel a bit like cheating, but this mod definitely has its place. For example, if you’re trying to go through the entire game without being detected, you’ll need to use a lot of Mana, but there won’t always be enough around to work with. Likewise, sometimes there are too many enemies in one area to cope with, and this mod just relieves a bit of the strain put on you by those enemies.

Dishonored Mods Full Regen

Pre-main intro Disabler

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A lot of studios had their hand in bringing Dishonored to life, but that does mean that the game has a few too many company animations before you get into the main menu. This mod replaces those intros with a blank file so that you can get into the game a lot faster than usual. It’s not going to bring down your speedruning time, and it won’t improve your gameplay in any way whatsoever. But it will make it faster for you to get into the actual game.

Dishonored Mods Pre Main Intro Disabler

No Mana Cost for Base Game Spells

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While there is a mod in this list that will allow you to full regenerate all of your Mana, sometimes that’s just not enough. This mod completely removes the Mana cost for all base-game spells. To be clear, this will only work on spells that are available in the base game, not The Knife of Dunwall or The Brigmore Witches expansions. If you’re tired of being restricted by the Mana cost of spells, then this really is the best mod for you, and it will make for some seriously broken, yet very enjoyable, runs.

Dishonored Mods No Mana Cost For Base Game Spells

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