Thief 4’s audio director has been named as Paul Weir.Weir, an old hand to video game audio who has worked on the Discworld series, Ghost Master, and Constantine, will be taking on full audio direction duties.Weir is currently the director of sound company Earcom, which most recently worked on the sound design for LEGO Rock Band’s intro sequence. The company has also recently worked on LEGO Batman and Pure.Fans are likely to be a tad disappointed that series stalwart Eric Brosius will not be working on the audio for this next Thief iteration, but Weir – speaking on the Through the Looking Glass forumsmentioned that “Eric’s music is exactly the kind of music I also like and if it isn’t broke…”Weir allayed other concerns. “Just in case there’s concern about audio being outsourced, it’s actually much more like running a satellite Eidos studio in that I’m very much fully integrated into the team, it’s just that for various reasons, the actual audio creation side is being done in London,” wrote Weir. “I apologise that I can’t talk more about the game, but when the time is deemed right I hope you’ll be impressed by the work that’s revealed.”Eidos Montreal is reportedly still looking to hire a sound programmer, however, which – considering the importance of sound design in the series – is likely to prove a huge decision.Thief 4 is due out on PC and other unspecified systems at an unspecified point in the future. We’re going to guess PC, 360, and PS3, and we imagine we’ll hear a bit more on the title by the end of the year. If you’re looking forward to it, check out our post-announcement interview.Thanks to internet supersleuth acridrose for spotting this.

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