It was recently announced that Thief has gone gold and is ready for its February release date. Finally, the Achievement/Trophy list for the game has been revealed so the Gamerscore lovers among you can start planning your road to 1000/1000 or the Platinum Trophy if you’ll be playing this on PS4.

    Obsessive Compulsive – 20g
    Stole all loot and collectibles in a single chapter.

    Sleight of Hand – 10g
    Picked 100 pockets in a single playthrough.

    Quickly Pick a Lucky Lock – 100g
    Picked a lock with masterful speed.

     Something to Prove – 20g
    Finished the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more.

    Dark Archer – 75g
    Completed 10 optional Thieving Objectives.

    Legend in Leather – 10g
    Completed 25 optional Thieving Objectives.

    Mint Condition – 5g
    Finished 3 consecutive chapters without taking damage

    Focus on the Tasks at Hand – 100g
    Picked a pocket and a lock using the focus ability.

    A Moral Victory – 20g
    Finished the game without a single kill or knockout.

    One Step Ahead – 30g
    Disarmed ten trap mechanisms.

    Clear Headed – 60g
    Reached the final chapter without using the focus ability.

    Hard Times – 30g
    Finished the game on Master difficulty.

    Modesty Denied – 10g
    Scored an epic 5,000,000 or more in a Challenge Map.

    Child of the Shadows – 10g
    Finished a single chapter without alerting anyone.

    Hail of Glass – 25g
    Shot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow.

    Health Hazzard – 20g
    Killed or knocked out 10 people using the environment.

    Priceless – 40g
    Completed a collectible set.

    What’s Yours is Mine – 15g
    Completed all collectible sets.

    Happy Birthday – 20g
    Sweet Sixteen. Snuff Said.

    Hidden Agenda
    – 40g
    Discovered 15 secret areas.

    Finders Keepers – 100g
    Discovered all secret areas.

    Cache Dispenser – 40g
    Used 40,000 gold.

    Working Overtime
    – 80
    Completed all Client Jobs in The City.

    Dastardly Deeds – 15
    Completed all Basso Jobs in The City.

    All That Glitters
    – 10g
    Stole 5 collectibles.

    Old Habits Die Hard – 5g
    Found all the secret stashes in Moira.

    Two Faced – 5g
    Uncovered Lyegrove’s secret.

    The Drop – 5g
    Finished the Prologue.

    Lockdown – 5g
    Finished Chapter One.

    Dust to Dust
    – 5g
    Finished Chapter Two.

    Dirty Secrets – 5g
    Finished Chapter Three.

    A Friend in Need
    – 5g
    Finished Chapter Four.

    The Forsaken – 5g
    Finished Chapter Five.

    A Man Apart
    – 5g
    Finished Chapter Six.

    The Hidden City – 15g
    Finished Chapter Seven.

    The Dawn’s Light – 30g
    Finished Chapter Eight.

    More Heist Less Speed – 30g
    Finished the game in 15 hours or more.

    Thief is due for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 25th in North America, February 27th in Australia and February 28th in Europe.

    Source: Hardcoregamer


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