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Don’t press A to win this fight. Actually, just don’t be in a fight. You’re Garrett.

We’re almost at the point where I have absolutely no idea how the next Thief game will turn out. Over the past few weeks, developers Eidos Montreal have been backtracking on so much of what made their reimagined entry seem … unappealing; but they’re doing it with barely three months to go until release. Is it too little, too late? Won’t those systems have been fairly heavily integrated into the game at this point?

Only release day will tell us that, but already the much-loathed experience points system has been ditched. That’s been followed by a removal of all quick-time events in the game, as explained in this latest developer Q&A. “Given the strong reactions it evoked in the press and the community, it was an easy decision to do away with [QTEs] entirely. So we’re not doing it. No quick time,” says Eidos’ Valerie Bourdeau.

Okay Eidos, you’ve shown you know how to remove potentially damaging parts of the game. Now how about adding some stuff. Maybe a Stephen Russell, or a set of Hammerites, or a writing team who understand the series?

The same Q&A provides a little more information about customisation of the UI, and gives a lame excuse for why Garrett won’t be doing any swimming in this title. Some new-ish screenshots have been released this week too, which you can see below.

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