September 5th, 2017

Thief patch improves Mantle support

Thief 4 Garret

The latest Thief patch has improved the game’s Mantle support. That’s AMD Mantle, not mantling. Although maybe that needs to be improved too.

The 22MB update shunts the game up to v1.6 and contains the following patch note:

  • Fixed several issues with AMD Mantle and specific hardware configurations

Yup, that’s it. Patch note, singular. If you were hoping this was something that might resolve the weird issue with the game returning you to the start of levels on certain days, then I feel for you.

On the plus side, I heartily approve of them finding a way to rollback this patch on Steam in case it actually causes you some issues (which isn’t unheard of with any patches to do with hardware). If you want to rollback to v1.5, you can do so by right-clicking Thief in your Steam game list, going to Betas in the Properties menu, and selecting “version_1.5”. Do that, and it should put you back to v1.5 of the game.

It’s a bit of a mystery that Steam doesn’t generally support the ability to rollback patches, but I am genuinely pleased that Square Enix have found a way to work around that. Three cheers for that, if nothing else.

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