April 21st, 2017

Thief screenshots sneak out of the darkness

Thief 4 - 3

We’re still a little uncertain as to whether or not Thief (or Thief 4, or Thi4f, or Thifourf) will actually be any good, considering the rumours of development troubles and the slightly troubling displays of Garrett murdering a number of people in slow-motion, but we’re hopeful that these don’t really matter. We hope the development troubles are just rumours. We hope that Garrett’s mass-murder is just for purposes of trying to make the game attractive to those who don’t like deep, slow-paced stealth games. We hope Thief is good.

On the plus side, we can at least confirm that Thief is looking pretty. There does appear to be a shot of Garrett trying to sneak in the middle of a street, and another of him whacking some poor guard in the blackjacks with his blackjack, but… well, see for yourself.

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