Thief Simulator Vr Steam Early Access date

The clever and conniving minds at GameBoom VR are coming to teach you the first lesson of crime: it’s way more fun as a video game. Thief Simulator VR is a virtual reality port of last year’s first-person stealth-crime game of the same name. And in just a few weeks, it will become available to try out in Steam early access.

As with the original Thief Simulator, players control a master thief with a passion for crimes both simple and complex. A string of petty crimes might turn into high-risk burglaries where technology becomes your best friend. Most interestingly, players can go beyond the thieving phase and pawn off their newly-acquired goodies for a handsome sum.

Now, with virtual reality thrown into the mix, players can experience the joy of crime with all-new motion controls. It’ll be interesting to see how mechanics like lock-picking and driving have evolved as a result of the jump.

Thief Simulator VR enters Steam early access on November 12, so VR enthusiasts don’t have to wait long to get their slimy fingers on the game. It’s priced at a reasonable $14.99 – actually cheaper than the original Thief Simulator.

A competent thief

The original Thief Simulator, which is currently 45% off on Steam, has mostly positive reviews on the storefront. Many critics of the game cite poor performance and a litany of bugs as the source of their disappointments. While it’s yet to be seen if any of the technical issues get resolved by November 12, virtual reality will definitely strengthen its most beloved components. The host of tools, upgrades, and tasks are highlights of the game that fans can’t get enough of.

The game’s developer, Noble Muffins, continues to support it, having put out a Halloween-themed update several days ago. Hopefully, GameBoom VR will show equal dedication to the thief simulation project.

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