Oops. Butterfingers.

If you’ve been following along with details of Thief‘s story, you may already know that Garrett starts off teamed up with a fellow footpad named Erin. Unfortunately, Erin is a bit impulsive and (as we see in this trailer,) this results in her falling into an occult vortex.

She’s supposed to be dead at this point, but I suspect the chances or her coming back or reappearing in some form are rather high. After all, we didn’t see body. Just a weird magical vortex. This new Thief trailer also features an old lady who is definitely not anything like Granny Rags from Dishonored. She tries to warn Garrett about sinister dangers in the shadows and the like, but Garrett isn’t too interested in being the saviour of the city. He’s too busy being sad.

You can watch the trailer, below. Thief is due in February 2014.

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