September 5th, 2017

Thief’s weird April Fool’s save bug starts up again

thief (7)
Apparently, if it’s the 1st of the month, Garrett’s going to be stuck there for awhile.

Remember back on 1 April when Thief players discovered that, on finishing a section, they were dumped back to the start of that section? Apparently, this bug isn’t close to being fixed.

Players on the Eidos forums noted that the issue kicked off once again on 1 May and 1 June, and a few players have had the save-looping issue at other times of the month, too. User “stefos” notes that he/she managed to avoid the issue by increasing the virtual memory available, but regardless, it sounds like this issue isn’t actually fixed. There are a large number of players complaining about the Xbox One version of Thief suffering this issue, buuuut there are also a fair few PC users having the same issues.

As a reminder, here’s what Squenix had to say about it last time:

Basically, it’s an issue with the mathematical calculations of time-stamps from March 30th – April 2nd, which meant systems didn’t recognise the most recent time-stamp and instead took the previous time-stamp save (re-starting the level). So if you saved your game on March 30th, you may have experienced a disruption yesterday on April 1st and if you saved your game on March 31st, you may have experienced disruption yesterday April 1st and today April 2nd.

After today the calculations are accurate and there should be no other issues. We are working on a patch to ensure this doesn’t happen next year with these March/April calculations.

And yet, unfortunately, this issue still seems to be happening. I’ve yet to see reports of it occurring on 1 July, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we keep hearing noise about this over the coming months.

Thanks, once again, are due to professional Thief-catcher Jason Reimche.

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