Third party GTA 5 launcher lets you toggle mod usage

A creative fellow going by the name of ‘Bilago’ on the GTA 5 PC subreddit has put together an optional launcher for people who want to quickly load in with (or without) mods enabled.

Bilago’s launcher gives players different ways to load in to GTA 5. They are: Single player without downloaded mods enabled, single player with downloaded mods enabled, and GTA Online without mods. The launcher also has a pair of discreet toggles, one for loading single player in offline mode and another that will ‘disable mods on exit.’

Using this tool makes it straightforward to launch into a ‘vanilla’ version of GTA 5 single player if desired, without having to faff around too much with previously downloaded mods. Handy stuff.

The link above provides locations to download the launcher. Pay attention to Bilago’s disclaimer, which states “Using this tool to launch the game in singleplayer and/or online is not designed to circumvent Rockstars anticheat.” He doesn’t want to accept any responsibility for bans people might pick up.

Players running the Rockstar warehouse version of GTA 5 can apparently launch this program from anywhere. People using the Steam version are instructed to “please put this program in the GTAV game directory for it to function correctly.”

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