Ps5 Exclusive Third Person Action Rpg Phantom Blade Zero Revealed Combat
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Third-person action RPG Phantom Blade: Zero revealed

Check out this new action RPG!

In Sony’s new PlayStation Showcase, it has been announcing a plethora of games. One of these interesting titles revealed comes from Cruelman Studio, a third-person action RPG called Phantom Blade: Zero. This Chinese development studio surprised viewers with a dark and intriguing trailer for their latest title.

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New third-person action RPG Phantom Blade: Zero revealed

Near the beginning of Sony’s PlayStation Showcase for 2023, Cruelman Studio revealed its latest project. There’s not too much we know yet about Phantom Blade: Zero, but the trailer looks interesting enough. It seems to give off vibes of Sekiro, Nioh, and even Bloodborne. This nearly 4-minute trailer showcased detailed character and weapon designs mixed with traditional and modern aesthetics.

Ps5 Exclusive Third Person Action Rpg Phantom Blade Zero Revealed

Screenshot by PC Invasion

According to its YouTube description, you play as the Dark Raider exiled by ‘the Order’. You seek a path of vengeance, while uncovering the secrets of Wulin. The Dark Raider wields a sword, fighting fluidly against other talented enemies. It didn’t seem like you hit one button to make a swing, the in-game combat somehow looked like its own cutscene. He was juggling between a couple enemies at once point, blocking attacks and taking his own hits.

Phantom Blade: Zero is an action RPG with lightning-fast combat. Also, it’s inspired by Chinese martial arts and steampunk, a very compelling combination. Later in the trailer, one tough-looking enemy didn’t have a sword, but a mechanical weapon that he could throw on a ball and chain. Not only that, but the Dark Raider was able to run up a pillar and leap backwards into the fray!

The studio behind this ARPG has done a Phantom Blade game before, but as a mobile app. This iteration of that franchise looks a lot different than their iOS game, but still resembles the same aesthetics. Sadly though, Phantom Blade: Zero didn’t reveal a release date. But, it plans to release on PS5 and PC. If this game seems up your alley, check out the trailer!

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