News for Just Cause 4 has been a slow trickle. The last few months only brought forth a few details regarding the development of the game, as well as the new grapple mechanics. In the latest trailer, Square Enix highlights who Gabriella Morales is and her role as the game’s main antagonist.


    Although Morales is a newly introduced character, the entity that she represents is no stranger to the franchise. The Black Hand has had a role in disrupting Rico’s world since the first Just Cause. The organization continues to extend its reach due to its abundant wealth. This also allows them to continue in building an army of soldiers and a supply of experimental weapons. All of this is taking place in the South American country of Solis, which just so happens to be the Black Hand’s home turf.

    Welcome To The Jungle, We’ve Got Sun And Rain

    The new trailer highlights some of the features that have been boasted in the game thus far. Natural events, like storms that can randomly form, will be a part of the ecosystem you experience. Now, we see that snowy weather is also part of the landscape. Other environments include an arid desert, a city, and the traditional jungle-esque scenes.

    Just Cause 4 22222

    I don’t know the difference between an alpaca or llama. Whichever this is, it’s here.

    The developer diaries discuss how the system was planned to be implemented and other interesting tidbits, like how Rico’s grapple became one of the main mechanics during the initial Just Cause. Who knew that someone’s lunchtime project would grow into the main mechanic of a franchise?

    Just Cause 4 is slated for release on December 4, 2018, for PC. For a more in-depth look at the gameplay, Square Enix released 20 minutes of footage. The game is currently available to be added to your Steam Wishlist and is ready for pre-order.

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