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The final DLC story for This War of Mine is at last upon us. For nearly two years, developer 11 bit studios’ haunting, dire tale of post-apocalyptic survival has enthralled and, well, depressed us. Indeed, the game was never meant for the faint of heart. But what can you expect about a story of nigh hopelessness, where the lives of those just trying to live another day are put to bear under a dingy microscope lens? Fading Embers tells the final chapter of the story, and it follows a woman burdened with a burning question.

Fading Embers stars Anja, a woman whose morals are pushed to the brink. “What is more important — survival of human legacy or the survival of a man?” the story’s description asks. Once more, This War of Mine tasks you to make narrative choices that define your path. There are multiple endings in Fading Embers, much like in the previous DLC. Walking through a scorching war zone, you must make decisions that apparently could mean the end of heritage for life, or vice versa.

“The latest This War of Mine story focuses on choices that can lead to multiple endings,” said Tomasz Kisilewicz, the lead artist for Fading Embers, in a press release. “These branches were necessary to help address the overarching question of what has the bigger value — things made by men that outlast life or the life of a man itself. When you think about it, humans stand against the destructive power of war not only to save themselves but also to save what entire generations have created.”This War Of Mine Fading Embers DLC 11 bit studios

A path traveled

Fading Embers is the third and final episode coming to This War of Mine. It follows both Father’s Promise and The Last Broadcast. The latter DLC came with not just new characters and dilemmas, but six different endings. There is a good chance that Fading Embers may boast a similar count. However, since the prior question asks for one of two possible outcomes, its narrative will likely be more focused.

Fading Embers is coming to PC via Steam on Aug. 6. It will run for $3.99, if you don’t already have the season pass. Check out our review of The Last Broadcast before diving into the game’s final battle among the ashes.

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