Girls Like Robots

This is coming in a little late for Valentine’s, but don’t worry, we’ve screened deals for you that are good for at least the next 24 hours or so. Right at the top, we have to give props to Steam.


Steam’s sales today run for the just released Girls Like Robots, Long Live The Queen, Christine Love’s Analogue and Hate Plus, Gone Home, Dear Esther, Thirty Flights of Loving, and games that could barely be connected to Valentine’s (Alan Wake?). Check out the list and question Valve’s choices here.


Sony’s PS3 Valentine’s discounts aren’t Valentine’s themed at all! But you’ll still want them. Games include Castle Crashers, Cloudberry Kingdom, Divekick, Fat Princess, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, NBA 2K14, and Scott Pilgrim. Check it out here.


Sigh. XBL on Xbox 360 has sales on NBA2K14 and Fable 2. You can see them here.

Nintendo eShop

To be fair to Nintendo, their much awaited 1st 2014 Direct came out, so they may have been too busy for anything Valentine’s related. They have a sale for games from Rising Star, new Wii U releases in Super C and Spin the Bottle for Wii U, and 3DS releases in Aeternoblade, Spot the Differences, Inazuma Eleven, and Nintendo’s first F2P game, Steel Divers: Sub Wars.


First off, in case you hadn’t heard, EA has put Dungeon Keeper (the 1st one) up for free on GOG, so go get it from the homepage.

GOG has a Valentine’s sale going for a variety of games, and a separate one just for Dungeons & Dragons games. Valentine’s sales are up for Dungeon Keeper 2, System Shock 2, Trine 1 and 2, Guacamelee, Pixeljunk Monsters, and Syndicate Wars.

Desura Freedom Fridays

Desura argues that the ladies love freedom, and I’m inclined to agree. They won’t be free to choose their OS, though, since it’s all Windows-only this week. Free games on the spotlight are Back To Life, Don’t Kill The Cow, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, and CYPHER.

Humble Weekly

Finally, Humble has a non-Valentine’s themed weekly bundle for IndieCade games. Get Dear Esther, The Bridge, 7 Grand Steps, Luxuria Superbia, The 1st 3 chapters of the Dream Machine and And Yet It Moves.

Image is from Girls Like Robots.

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