THQ discloses annual loss of $240 million

It’s been no secret that THQ has experienced a rough financial year. Titles from the publisher have been delayed or cancelled, major staff layoffs were reported in February, and CEO Brian Farrell even took something of a pay cut (either as a PR stunt or a last resort).
Today, the publisher confirmed the extent of the damage, posting a net loss of $240 million USD for financial year 2011/2012. The financial briefing reconfirms the company’s “realignment plan”, which it claims will save $180 million USD in running costs for fiscal year 2013.
The same document also reveals that the Obsidian-developed South Park: The Game will not be released until the early months of 2013. A stand-alone expansion for Saints Row The Third called Enter the Dominatrix will arrive this September.
Source: investor.thq.com

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  • Nasarius

    BioWare’s tweets indicate that they definitely have *something* big up their sleeve with respect to the ME3 ending. Maybe it’s just because I like a good conspiracy theory, but the indoctrination theory has some pretty compelling bits of evidence to support it.nnThere are some major logical inconsistencies that can’t be explained just by sloppy writing or arbitrary strangeness, like Shepard clutching a wound after Anderson was shot. And the little scene with Shepard taking a breath only being available after the “destroy” ending. Do watch the top two YouTube videos on the subject if you want to waste an hour of your life.nnAnyway, we should find out with the DLC this month.