THQ understands the appeal of pre-owned games

THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell says that he doesn’t want to see an end to pre-owned game sales but that it’s the publisher job is persuade consumers not to trade games in.
Speaking to MCV, Farrell said “The most important thing is we have to participate in the value chain in used games… 
“We understand, given our focus on the gamer, that consumers like to be able to monetise their game library. So it is an ecosystem between publisher, gamer and retailer that just has to sort itself out.
“Part of it is monetising but the bigger win is keeping our gamers engaged with DLC and robust online play, and that keeps the disc in the first purchaser’s hands.”
This statement comes after UK videogame retailer GAME launched a trial scheme in which it is taking pre-orders on pre-owned games. THQ’s Homefront (our review here), is one of the game’s included in the trial.
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