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PC Game Pass users have some big games to look forward to in January as we kick off 2023. It isn’t a massive month for games, but what’s here should certainly take you a while to play through. Three games join the service, but that also means that six games are leaving PC Game Pass in January. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a good month for PC Game Pass.

To kick things off, Persona 3 Portable is headed to PC Game Pass on January 19. This is the third version of Persona 3 that was initially launched on the PSP. In some ways, it’s a scaled-back version of Persona 3 FES. However, Portable also includes a brand new female option for the main character. And since Persona 3 is the title that started the series’ modern style of gameplay, it’s definitely worth checking out. Persona 4 Golden also launches on PC Game Pass that day. The version is already available on Steam, but this is the perfect chance to play the game if you don’t own it.

On January 20, Monster Hunter Rise comes to PC Game Pass. If you’re someone who has pumped hundreds of hours into Monster Hunter World, then this game is a must-have. It is worth mentioning that Rise will not come with the Sunbreak expansion. We could see this become available for Game Pass users later in the year, but we’ll need to wait and see.

Pc Game Pass January 2023

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Six games are leaving PC Game Pass

There are some pretty big games leaving the service later this month. On January 15, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Nobody Saves The World, Pupperazzi, The Anacrusis, We Happy Few, and Windjammers 2 all leave PC Game Pass. If any of these games seem interesting to you, be sure to install and play them soon. You’ve only got five days left before they leave the service, which isn’t a lot of time. Still, we’ve at least got three massive games joining PC Game Pass in 2023 that should keep us all busy for a while.

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