The countdown has ended, and further details of the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition have now been unleashed upon the world. PC versions of the game can be pre-ordered right now from the game’s official site, costing a regular $20 USD ($18 USD if you order early) and due for release on 18 September. Mac and iPad versions are also due that month, but don’t appear to have a specific date as yet.

So, what’s new in this edition? Well, aside from “over 400” improvements being touted by Beamdog (including cleaned up source code, support for higher resolutions, improved multiplayer options and a tweaked graphics engine), there are three new characters to meet and greet.

Dorn Il-Khan (above) is a “half-orc Blackguard whose otherworldly patron grants him terrible powers in the form of his black sword and unholy spells”. You can add Dorn to your party as an NPC, and his inclusion provides another four hours of gameplay.

Neera, the Wild Mage. Just in case you didn’t believe that ex-Bioware staff were working on this revamped title, Neera provides the opportunity for “an engaging romantic adventure”. As with Dorn, she can join your party as an NPC.

Finally, Rasaad yn Bashir is “a Calishite Monk demonstrating his monastic arts to the people of Nashkel.” He can join your party too but, sadly, is not going to provide you with any romantic adventures. You’ll just have to admire his tattoos from afar or something.

Bashir adds a new quest area, the Cloud Peaks, while Neera will allow you to explore “a secluded hideaway northeast of Durlag’s Tower.”

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