New Throne and Liberty trailer shows plenty of large-scale cinematics

Throne And Liberty Trailer Sky Whale

A new trailer for Korean developer NCSoft’s upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty recently aired during today’s Summer Game Fest live stream. Published by NCSoft in Korea and by Amazon Games everywhere else, Throne and Liberty promises to offer strategic PvP and PvE combat that dynamically evolves depending on “other players” as well as the time of day and weather.  It will attempt to provide this within the context of a high-fantasy setting which, while typical of the MMORPG genre, at least appears appropriately grandiose in scale. With this new trailer, those anticipating Throne and Liberty can now get a deeper glimpse into that setting.

Much of the trailer consists of high-budget cinematics showing off grand vistas and large-scale battles. Gameplay clips start showing up only around halfway through, and they depict moments of action-packed real-time combat as well as moments in which the playable characters transform into various animals. One clip sees the player character traversing the ground as a wolf before grappling into the air and soaring through the skies as a bird. The protagonist even flies with a whole flock of birds amidst some impressive-looking scenery in the next shot.

A long time in the oven

Throne and Liberty has actually been through quite a lengthy and seemingly troubled development history. NCSoft first officially unveiled the game, which went under the name Lineage Eternal all the way back in 2011, but numerous delays have taken place since then. As that name suggests, the developers originally intended the game to tie into the Lineage series of MMORPGs, but they since changed it into something else entirely.

The end of the new Throne and Liberty trailer encourages players to sign up for the official technical test through the game’s website. For now, we do not have a specific date for this tech test or for the release of the game itself.

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